Tegan’s Dixie List

Work In Progress

Now that we have officially left the South, I am reorganizing the list into the things we did and the things we didn’t. Some stuff is directly from the list of  101 Things to Do in Newnan (if something has a number by it, it’s from the list). Others are just things we found on our own. The list isn’t in any particular order, though a lot of the more recent things are at the top.

The Things We Did: 

  • Charlie Joseph’s, LaGrange, Georgia website
  • Hunter’s Pub and Steak House, Hamilton, Georgia website
  • Oakhurst Farm, West Point, Georgia website
  • Christmas in a Railroad Town, Opelika, Alabama
  • Osteria del Figo, Atlanta
  • Opelika Municipal Park and Salem Shotwell Covered Bridge, Opelika
  • Salem, Alabama
  • Brother’s General Store, Columbus, Georgia
  • Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta website
  • Zoo Atlanta website
  • Underground Atlanta website
  • Museum of Aviation, Warner Robins, Georgia website
  • The 101 Things to Do in Newnan List
    • The city of Newnan, Georgia, the county seat of Coweta County, had a fantastic list of 101 Things to Do in Newnan on their website, and I tried to accomplish a lot of them. Some didn’t interest me, but other things I tried when I most likely otherwise wouldn’t have, and I’m glad I did. Some are sort of simple, didn’t take much effort, and require no real further explanation. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t appreciate them or that they are a waste of time. There are just so many that I don’t want to fill up the list with them. These include: Visit the Newnan Lofts/Newnan Cotton Mill, Visit Carl Miller Park (we did this a lot with our toddler, and she loved it), Visit 1st Avenue Park, Visit Scott’s Bookstore on the Square, Shop the Forum at Ashley Park (we did this A LOT, but it’s essentially an outdoor shopping mall), See a Former Coca-Cola Bottling Plant at 167 Greenville Street (it’s a pawn shop now), Visit Local Antique Shops, See Georgia’s First Carnegie Library, Pay Respects to Civil War Soldiers at Oak Hill Cemetery, and Visit Farmer Street Cemetery (possibly the largest slave cemetery in the South).
  • Explore the historic downtown square (#12)
    • Newnan has a traditional courthouse square downtown, and despite being the county seat and having frequent downtown events, parking was rarely a problem. There are many fun little shops – my favorites are the antique stores and consignment/craft stores, but there was also an art gallery and a few eateries, as well as a bookstore and candy shop. Recently, the downtown installed a number of painted up horse “statues” that were each sponsored by a business or organization. It’s not really an original concept. Chicago did cows over a decade ago, and Kalamazoo did taxi cabs. But they were pretty cool, and my toddler LOVED them.
  • Visit Market Day on the Square (#48)
  • See the Threadgoode Home from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes at 34 College Street in Newnan (#13)
    • I include this here because it is misleading. The home in question, 34 College Street, was only used for the interior shots of the Threadgoode Home in the movie. The exterior of the house was actually the Travis-McDaniel House in Senoia. The adjacent railroad bridge is also there, though I have heard that it is not in use and is overgrown.
  • Visit Historic Senoia
  • Visit Battle of Browns Mill monument (#102)
  • Powers’ Crossroads Country Fair (#87) website
  • Visit the Shops at Sharpsburg
  • Coweta County Fair
  • Borgo Italia, Peachtree City, Georgia
  • Red Door Consignments, Tyrone, Georgia

Things We Didn’t (Maybe Next Time):

  • Toomer’s Oaks, Auburn, Alabama
  • Historic Banning Mills Zip-Line Tour, Carrollton
  • Red Oak Covered Bridge, Imlack, Georgia
  • Hoofer’s Gospel Barn, LaGrange, Georgia
  • Roosevelt’s Little White House Historic Site, Warm Springs, Georgia
  • Margaret Mitchell House, Atlanta – Home of the author of Gone with the Wind
  • Stone Mountain Park
  • Atlanta History Center
  • High Museum of Art
  • Children’s Museum of Atlanta
  • World of Coca-Cola
  • Grant Park, Oakland Cemetery, and Atlanta Cyclorama
  • Sweet Auburn
  • Starr’s Mill, Brooks
  • Visit the Confederate Prison at Andersonville, GA

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